The rain is lashing outside against my windows and there’s a strong gale blowing…don’t know what to say but there’s so much to write about…disappointments, pain, anguish….and happiness, joy, love, freedom…discoveries about myself and the world around me….sometimes the world ain’t such a bad place after all…

I can’t believe this is my last and final year in college….walked into the great, massive stone courtyard that we lovingly call the First Quadrangle some four years ago…and learnt so much…still learning…learnt how to be strong and face misery and defeat….and learning how to love and be free and be who I am….who I really am….everytime I sit for a lecture on Film or Elizabethan Drama, I stop myself and think: Am I really here? I dreamt of this moment since a long long time….and now to actually be a part of this magical, wonderful world of language and creation and mystery….all bound together by a force of some supernatural, mystical communicative thing….ah….sometimes I am overwhelmed.

Anyway….have to go and study….

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