So after arguing with a friend about what do we call each other’s blogs, and finding a sense of fulfillment…I must say that today was one very long day. Nothing life altering happened…and the saddest thing is that life goes on.

Met Neha in the bus today while returning from CAT classes….man, that girl is loud! Somethings…or people never change…had a conversation regarding old friends and acquaintainces…ofcourse, she did most of the talking.

English Literature is interesting…but somehow, that sense of satisfaction hasn’t creeped in. Still searching for the zing quality…my class sucks…half the people aren’t interested, while one fourth is plain dumb, can’t understand what’s going on and the remaining ones are the only ones talking so they get bored by the sound of their own voices.

I think I have my priorities straightened out now…and it’s about time…thanks Sudhama…you live upto the meaning of your name. Am grateful. Truly grateful.


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  1. 1 S 'naani' J

    I tend to diagree. Sadness is when life is NOT moving on.

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