Subash called today…and we actually had a long conversation on life, love and literature….there were moments of awkwardness especially when he kept harping on the fact that I never fail to complain about his incredibly irritating habit of calling me when he is at the airport, to say bye bye and not before. I sounded like some silly, immature, gigglish teenager….memories four years old kept coming back….thankfully those embarassing days are long gone…even the sound of his voice did not tie me up in jitters like it used to…

So why am I posting such an inconsequential and obviously embarassingly personal blog? Works as a reminder…and also as an opinion…I remember everytime I have had a crush on someone, I would wait and wait and wait for the damn phone to ring….ah, never thought I’d actually welcome the trilling sound of the message tone on my cell phone…but for the life of me, I have never seen a boy ever getting so het up about the phone ringing…or don’t they care? Still one of those puzzles of life that has by far managed to elude me…

Famous last words: Men are from Earth. Women are from Earth. Deal with it.


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