Dedicated to Ganesh


I wait.

An expanse of sand


Sand points burning my expectancy

Sweat droplets embrace a screen

Time stands

I alone.

I watch a flicker of life

It strengthens

It becomes a flame

And it burns.

ASL Please?

You wish honey

I reply.

And then

A difference hangs heavy

calling out to a savage soul

Slakes its thirst

With the words Midnight’s Children.

One Response to “Dedicated to Ganesh”

  1. 1 gsgk

    This moment has been made possible by:

    pepper, east india company, robert clive, mangal pandey, queen victoria,
    1857, a.o. hume, congress, general dyer, gandhi, nehru, salt, 1942, lord
    mountbatten, 1947, english, bombay, colaba, salman rushdie, his parents,
    1981, my friend v.t. bharadwaj, james joyce, my slightly dysfunctional
    frontal lobe, an indian airlines plane, orkut, my friend arthi, god (are
    you there?), and finally, ……

    Ms. Tuh-NUSH-ree Ba-RU-ah. Thank you, Ms. Tanushree.

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