Bride and Prejudice and the hypocrisy of India


Ouch. I am still reeling. After the phenomenal success of Bend it like Beckham, Bride and Prejudice was a slap on the face with a bucket of ice cold water thrown in for good measure. What the hell was Gurinder Chadha thinking when she cast Aishwarya Rai as the leading protaganists in the film? The garish sets, (though Santosh Sivan’s cinematography has ensured him international recognition), the horrible music (Anu Malik – you are not a Rehman. Neither are you a music director who can deliver the goods. Go do something else.), the incredibly terrible plastic acting….(everytime Rai enters the frame, you feel like wringing that pretty neck.) An absolute hopeless film. I was embarassed to even sit through it. The chemistry between Rai and Henderson was vapid and insipid. She was the Ice Princess, pretending to enjoy it while I was cringing in my seat. Atleast some of the romantic scenes in Bollywood have more life even if it is a scene between actors who, well, who can’t act. All in all, Rai’s weird pretentious acting, her false accent, her beautiful but plastic face, the bad music…these are some of the factors that made me want to throw up.

Which brings me to what I am going to say next. When Rai won an award for Best Actor, India sat up and said ‘She won an award for acting?’ She was then cast in Devdas, another film which was brilliant in ever other way except the acting. Another award for Rai. Then she was touted as the next big thing, even when you, me and the whole world knows she cannot act. It is time we change this silly attitude. What a bunch of hypocritical losers we are.

If I ever made a movie, I would make sure that my actors are intelligent and talented. Not a bunch of empty headed fools who refuse to read the book that inspired the movie just because they are scared that the book’s characters will influence them and their acting.


One Response to “Bride and Prejudice and the hypocrisy of India”

  1. 1 rayprab

    I know this is 13 years late but the thing that struck me about this film is the sheer hypocrisy of talking about people looking down on true Indians yet casting such pale skinned actors and actresses almost to the point where you can’t tell who is Indian and who is European. Shame on Gurinder Chadha…

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