Dante wrote of the concept of divine laughter in his Inferno. Ganesh believes in it. I think it is all bullshit. How can there be any divine laughter when there’s no divinity left? We humans are such fools…blindly worshipping our Gods, believing in nonsense. If there’s an all powerful, pervasive force, then sorry Ladies and Gentlemen, it just doesn’t exist here on earth. Besides, why in the world would I want to bow down to an all powerful pervading force anyway? How can anyone dare to tell me that God is watching? I like my sense of freedom, thank you very much….however false it may be.

Listen children, you have been had. There’s nothing. Just a manifestation of our over active imagination, not even created by us, but by some ancient old man because he was afraid that his sweeper would get the better of him. There is no God. There is no religion. If there was a God, then all the wretched people I see every morning, lying half naked on ou roads would not have existed. I wouldn’t have to see dirty children pressed against car windows, begging for money. Hell, I wouldn’t have to see children begging for anything. And no, children aren’t the younger versions of God. There is no God.

The Chinese, the Persians, the ancient Greeks and the jolly old Hindus believe that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. For every pain, there is pleasure. For yin, there’s yang. For evil, there is good. So what are they really saying? For every rich aunty who lives in Cuffe Parade, whose brattish children are partying the night away, and who goes to the temple and pays an obscene amount of money for Darshan, there’s a kid living on PD Mello road who gets run over by a rich brat, driving under ‘the influence of alcohol.’ (Hey mister, if I were driving home drunk, I would probably say driving under the influence of my stupidity, not that of alcohol. The things we do with language.)Oh, and if I do not pass my exams, the learned greats will shake their heads and say the poor thing did some pichla janam ka paap. Her fate is bad. Right. So when I’ll steal money from my mother’s purse and buy drugs and booze (and maybe a night of great sex), I shall blame it on my Karma. My wonderful fate. What about the time when I am being auctioned off to the greatest bidder, and they ask me to walk, to talk, to shake that booty? I shall say oh, but God has willed it so. You know, the great man who liveth above? And when I make it to the papers the next month, immolated, charred beyond recognition, but not with a broken spirit, never with a broken spirit, I shall laugh and say oh but dahling…God is great!

And what about the time when I watch retreating backs?

I am sorry, but this just isn’t working out?

Feels so damn convenient to blame it on the almighty, right? My relationships are not working out because of my infamous Karma. Wonderful. I feel great. So in fear of my fate and God, I shall not have relationships, I shall not fall in love, I will watch the wretched people I see every morning, lying half naked on ou roads would not have existed and see dirty children pressed against car windows, begging for money.

We humans are so intelligent. We have a God. Let’s rejoice.

We humans are such fools.

And no, I won’t burn in hell. Because lovelies, there is no hell. There is no heaven either. Just a figment of our imaginations.

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  1. 1 Rohan

    Very Interesting post. Cant find anything profound to say really. But its a question that has plagued since ancient times, and the best part is this…we know the color of the rocks on Mars, but dont have answers to questions …whose solution lies between our dainty little ears.

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