In short agreement


Yes, so tell me to behave myself.

Ah dear, your skirt is too short

Oh you aren’t thinking of going out like that, are you?

Yes, so screw around with my brain

and convince me that I am dumb

a malleable little girl

Yes, take me apart

and when you put me back together

Just put a piece here and a piece there

add some band aid just to make sure.

Yeah yeah, you are concerned

Yes I know you love me.

yes, you may take my soul.

Just remember to give it back.

Or I will kill you.

2 Responses to “In short agreement”

  1. 1 gsgk

    Tanushree, it would be preposterous for any one to tell you what to wear – you go out in a bikini, what does this guy care…

  2. 2 Astro

    Nice poem – where did it come from ? A bad relationship ?


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