On the wings of a dove


She looked at him with an almost raw, animalistic passion. Yearning with over-bright eyes. He stood up from his seat, doffed his hat respectfully and offered his seat. The swaying train nearly threw her over the feet of an elderly gentleman but she managed to sit down without any further hassle. She looked up at him, blonde and shining, standing tall. How she loved him.

The train pulled up at the station and the passengers scurried out. Like an entire dam breaking into trickles of power. She adjusted her velvet blue hat and followed him out. As she passed him by the stairs leading to the lifts, she noticed that he carried a pair of spectacles in his breast pocket. She walked into the lift and looked out the gilt encrusted doors now closing upon her. She then looked at her companion. He turned towards her and they came together in a fury of feeling. She loved him, and she would be engaged to him forever.

(PS) To any possible readers – I got inspired ny The Wings of the Dove by Henry James. Thought I’d fool around a little. Let’s see if this makes a story. Send in your comments!


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