I read a rather interesting blog today. Now while I try hard not to be too sarcastic or harshly critical of blogs these days, the very topics of such online journals amuse me. Firstly, the content. I am not saying that my blogs have the most interesting thematic concerns and that nothing could surpass them. But considering the amount of nonsense that’s up on the internet, atleast the space my stuff takes up is poignant nonsense. Maybe even beautiful craft.

Secondly, I am fed up of all new packages talking about the same thing. The flash, the glamour. The flashy one liners opening the paragraph. During the day, I study blank verse by Marlowe and Shakespeare and later, am reduced to reading stuff which doesn’t classify as poetry or even prose. Sometimes you do come up with online gems of writing that are beautifully distracting but they have no content.

I suppose in todays instant world where everything must be created on the double, ranging from nescafe to articles, we have very little time to let our senses take over. We have forgotten the art of laying on our backs, emerging from our bodies and simply drifting away, like little wisps of white cloud. Writing is inherently a reflection of our life and sadly enough, we think we write our reflections but due to the insidious phenomenon that is Popular Culture, our writing simply becomes another reflecting surface. Everything is a plane of images, reflecting one another. There is no absolute knowledge or truth. And this shows.

We live in a pastiche society, where even our blogs have become fragments of images and symbols. Such as this one for example. The ability to think still exists but it is producing such ideas which are weird, strange and well, so poignantly nonsensical.


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  1. 1 Sarat Chandra Addepalli

    wish i could write meaningful stuff like that.

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