I do not want to live a prisoner, ashamed of being a woman. I am not going to be a consenting captive of a psychopathic social system, but a native. I want to feel at home, keep house, and be my own mistress, with a room of my own. I want to do my work there, whatever I may be good at, art or science or technology or running a company or sweeping under the beds, and when someone tells me that it’s all crappy second class work because a woman is doing it, I will tell them to go to hell. I want to live, not be despised for living. I am not weak, helpless, uncontrolled. I want to live without the need to dominate, and without the need to be dominated. I never want to be a victim, but I do not want any power over other people. When I fail, lie defeated; in pain and in the dark, I will remember that darkness is my country. I live there, no wars are fought there, no wars are won. Only, only the future is found here. I am going to my country on my own terms, in my own way, I am going to live through the night…and find my future.

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  1. 1 Pravi

    this expression of urs gives a picture tht somewhere u feel urself to be inferior, in someway or other…say being a ‘woman’.or is it some ppl around u, who r makin u feel like tht?

    Did u ever heard/read a man sayin this? Its all tht resides in ur mind..the way u perceive things in this world. If its jus our social fabric thts influencing ur thoughts, then its a right time to put a check.

    U need not say it at the top of ur voice..if u r good U R…

    give a thought, i’ve perceived u to be a rational girl

    well, dont confuse me to be a ‘mcp’…u still know little about me… 🙂

  2. 2 Sex and the City

    Hi Pravi,

    I think this piece is beautiful and not because only women can relate to it, but I think men like you can learn a thing or two about speaking your mind and not being a victim to the so-called society. Is this piece feminist? I do not think so. I think it is written more to sustain the spirit within a human being than anything else and if you had some clue about the spirit that never dies, then may be you would look at this piece a little differently.

    I think what she has written is more generic than anything else. It only starts with ashamed of being a woman, but I think as men we need to be more ashamed of ourselves than anything else.

    Kudos Girl!!


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