The new side of me:

I have realized that in order to attend 8 am lectures, I can reach class by 8-10 am. The professor arrives a minute after.

I have realized that if I walk, all bent, boobs nearly touching the floor, I can avoid lewd suggestions or insulting pinches.

I have realized that if I tell Shobhana aunty that she has the most good looking son in Christendom, I can be spared the ordeal of lisening to her sing his praises.

I have realized that love is a strange, operatic term which only grows with every passing day.

I have realized that lust is a raw feeling that needs to be satisfied now.

I have realized that I do not need a boyfriend to help me satisfy my carnal desires. A no strings attached relationship will do.

I have realized that sucking up won’t get me anywhere; just a lot of unwarranted liking which I do not care for.

I have realized that I like Un Chien Andalou. I am not going to change my mind just because the rest of the losers in lit class say yuck.


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  1. 1 shaan

    I rchd d, class 8-10 and realizd that i shuldnt hav set out of my bed only!!!
    I bent walkd, to lately realize i was conspicous in d court !!!! (though i fired the next team)
    I had an affair, each passing day i realized v vr bttr suited to be frnds (then she left for US)
    A breakup, I realized even when u were born u had strings attached….
    An i m not gonna change!!! dont evn care what the world sayz

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