We all pretend to be such mature adults, capable of serious discussion without injury, and the very next minute we are deleting, abusing and hating. Very mature indeed.

Ashutosh, if this makes you feel any better – I think IIT’ians are very nice people and they are highly stimulating material.

Vivek , if you are decide to read my petty blog – Break ups happen to all of us darling. You gotta pick up the pieces and run.

Preeti, if fate hates me enough to make you read this – You are one lousy kid and far too immature. I can’t believe I have managed to live under the same roof with you for over 18 years.

Orkut – I really appreciate your giving us lesser immortals the chance to delete scraps. With all saccharine sarcasm intended.

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  1. 1 Sex and the City

    …i know break-ups are a part and parcel of life and then there are times when you feel you cannot handle the pain till someone else walks into your life and things are better again..at least for the moment… and no i have never pretended to be in control of my life. I love losing control. Handing it over to the one I love once a while cos thats the only way to live at times. Carefree…


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