Lately I have been getting complaints about my blog being a tad too depressing. So, in order to liven things up, I am going to throw in some light hearted cheer. Vivo, now stop complaining.

The friends and I went to Library Bar to look at a gyrating Maria in a red dress and also to check out all the rich Cuffe Parade men. Thank heavens I do not care much for alcohol. Had to drive back with six drunk women, all singing Ave Maria in their best Lata Mangeshkar impersonations. Then once we reached the outskirts of our residential colony, Nivs decided she wanted to relieve herself.

‘Darling, wait a bit….we are nearly there’ was my cry.

‘No. No. No. I want to go now.’

I had no choice but to pull over and pray that this wouldn’t turn out to be one embarassing situation. I waited and there was an unsuspicious silence in the backseat. I took a deep breath and argh!

‘Nivs, er, couldn’t wait…’ thus slowly spake Vini.

‘Ok, there’s a bottle of water in the back…wash up…I am starting the car.’

Thus we restarted on our journey home. As we passed by the naval club, Nivs (who had decided I suppose to turn into a prima donna for the evening) started making noises about wanting to watch the moonlit waters of the sea. (Her words exactly)

Now gentle reader, if I were strong, with a heavily muscled torso, over powering six drunk women would have proved to be an easy task. However, fate had willed it otherwise and before I knew it, I was pulling over by the sea. The drunk six scrambled out and walked over to the railings that bordered the waters. I was biting my nails because I could hear my mother yelling in my head.

‘What will people say when they find out that a Captain’s daughter was out DRUNK silly, gallivanting by the ocean? Is this how a young adult behaves?’

While I was imagining my mother’s head metamorphosizing into a Dragon with fire breathing nostrils, the corner of my left eye spied Aksha trying to clamber over the railings. It was amusing to watch her fall….FALL???? Which side? I ran as fast as my heels would permit. She had fallen on the safe side, where there was no sea. I helped her up and decided to round up the unrulies. The dragon’s head was threatening to explode.

‘I have an early morning lecture tomorrow and I am leaving. Those of you who wish to accompany me home may do so. I am not waiting another minute.’

‘Oh, but I just called Amit and Garg. They are joining us here in a couple of minutes.’ And with that little bombshell, Vini twinkle toed towards a now barfing Nivs.

I cradled my head in my hands. And imagined cool hands stroking my feverish forehead. Scene dissolves. Cut to next morning. My mum was ranting somewhere about irresponsible behaviour and the domestic help was showing her irritation by juggling various pots and pans. Atleast the nightmarish quality had gone.

Now the friends and I are planning to go for a play: Norway Today I think. I have made it abundantly clear that we shall travel to and fro by BEST Bus…but considering the push over that I am, I wonder if I will be heard.

Oh well. Atleast this trip will be another blog entry.

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