1. China trip confirmed…YAY! Xah, looks like we can visit together after all!

2. Paper on Film Studies completed…though the ending was a little hurried.

3. Bags packed…though a tad overstuffed with S aunty’s pickle bottles for her beloved going to be son in law. Tried explaining that ‘Aunty, doctors don’t have time to taste aam ka aachar’ but would she listen? Nope. Instead she quelled me with one of her ‘looks’.

4. Sore throat has worsened…may not have to orally present at the seminar. Very upset professors.

5. Vinay sent yellow carnations. With a little note saying have a safe trip et al. The very first time anyone has ever sent me flowers…called him and said thanks putty boy. He is still trying tofigure out what putty boy means…..*evil laughter*

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  1. 1 Kunal Surati

    hey…even i think Aishwarya Rai cant act…..finally someone who agrees….Cheers!!

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