This might cause some unruffled feathers. But I am not going to be fucking apologetic.

Yesterday, at 4-30 pm, bright sun shining, sea waves crashing, cars rushing past and people, walking in groups etc, a 17 year old college student was raped by a police constable at Marine Drive – one of the most populated areas in Mumbai. A place where I walk, catch buses, drive, eat icecream. A place which is supposed to be the safest spots atleast during the afternoon. But oh, I forgot, when the upholders of the law are busy raping young girls, then safety does not enter into the picture.

Know what our problem is? We Indians are always fucking in denial. We deny the presence of hippocracy in our so called culture, we deny ourselves progressive advancements, we deny ourselves our very own freedom. We are pathetic deniers. And then we make big statements about hey, India is going to be another super power in the next, and there will be this nonsense time frame which will be loudly stated by some Minister who is 60 years and probably as literate as the lady who comes to clean my office toilets. Super power? Sure, super power in increasing crime rates, violation of women’s rights and everything which is a direct ticket to hell.

Why should I be scared of walking down a road, fearing disgusting lewd comments? Why is it understood that a woman is supposed to get turned on by watching an ugly, dark man who I would never consider as my social equal scratch his genitals? Why do I need to have a separate ladies compartment in a local train, though considering the number of sexual crimes that have occurred in such places, that is also a redundancy? Is this country ours too? Or, is there only one gender on this planet? Men. Men. Men. Except for the intelligent ones, who may be considered the educated lot, the rest are like a sick disease. They rape. They fucking abuse. They hit. Alright, so maybe even the educated ones do too. But atleast then we educated women can drop them. Education is important. But more essential is intelligence.

I am really worried as to what sort of place will this world be in the future. It will definitely be a place for no children.

The constable was beaten up by a mob once they heard the girl’s screams. I personally would have taken him by the balls, made him watch while I cut off his penis and then burnt him alive.

The bastard.


17 Responses to “Violation”

  1. 1 3quarters

    well well well…i came back to read ur poems but there is something different this time to read…read an angry woman’s article….but good to hear that justice was served and people have learnt a lesson…glad to see u react…..

  2. 2 Ashok

    Just one point. Civility is not really related to intelligence. “Intelligent” men are probably just as likely to be rapists as “unintelligent” men. (The reason for the quotes is that I doubt if it’s possible to determine clearly who’s intelligent and who’s not.) Education would help, I suppose.

    3quarters, —What do you mean by this: “justice was served and people have learnt a lesson”?

  3. 3 shaan

    Think u open the news paper, read a col which says a 17 year ol raped taht to by a policeman next story our politicians not handling the Indo-Bangladesh Border tussle… and BSF people loosing life …. I mean wtf I was angry enuf to hav shot the bastard if he were in front of me or i had a remote method of making him suffer
    ……or just get him castrated
    fuck man !! I always had a sense of pride of being an Indian and these ppl are tryin to taint my jingoism ……

  4. 4 3quarters

    this is the answer ashok…justice was served for the guy who raped the girl and it was a good educated lesson learnt by the people both the kind one who rapes and the other who determines that it is upto them to give justice…its not only the set of people who beat the shit out of the policeman but people like who read this column and everyone who reacts to this…

  5. 5 Sarat Chandra Addepalli

    no wonder i don’t read the newspapers. i kinda like it when i’m oblivious to the worries of my own ppl. me sick? i know.

    seriously people, it’s okay to say we’d react like this in such a situation, but i really think that the ‘civilian’ attitude is lacking in us. even the educated ones. how many of us have helped old people cross roads?

  6. 6 axe

    Maam ,with all due respect u oversimplify things, and then tend to amplify then.

    as ashok said civility!=intelligence

    “the rest are like a sick disease. They fucking abuse. They hit. Alright, so maybe even the educated ones do too”
    Believe me this kind of a treatment is not only restricted to females. Males do it to other males 2.Let me change that – even females do that … The thing is anyone who believes he has power (cant be harmed by you) in our nation has a habit of wanting to show it in some or the other exercise. Females just werent a majority in this [power-bloc] for a long time. But as their number increase so will their abuses : in equal proportions to men.
    It is never about sex m’lady.
    Always about power…

  7. 7 Tanushree

    This is in reply to what Axe has written –
    “Females just werent a majority in this [power-bloc] for a long time. But as their number increase so will their abuses : in equal proportions to men.
    It is never about sex m’lady.
    Always about power…”

    First, women are the gentler sex, remember? We do not particularly care for cock fights. Second, power and power blocs are nothing but manifestations of the sexual self. So all the drivel about females being abusive is nothing short of hogwash.

  8. 8 axe

    Oh well … in for a dime – in for a dozen .

    LEmme clarify – firstly i am not endorsing current male behaviour . I am as repugnated with these incidents as any nun.

    Now thats out of the way >>>

    >>> women are the gentler sex, remember?
    – Whoa …. women are the gentler sex . Big statement . You honestly believe that ?? Get rid of that illusion m’lady .Just being born with two same chromosomes does not make a person “gentler”.

    >> Second, power and power blocs are nothing but manifestations of the sexual self.
    – You are totally missing the point . I am not ostracising females . I am just pointing out they are in the end “homo sapiens” too …. and reversing the roles – will just reverse the scenerio … not improve it.

    Dont abuse the males. The society as a whole is responsible – including you and me.

    >>So all the drivel about females being abusive is nothing short of hogwash.
    -What on eart are u talking about ?? Females are as abusive as any other gender – perhaps not overtly like males because then they would be decked on the nose :).

  9. 9 3quarters

    well both axe and tanu we r way abt the topic…it was all abt a human who had the powers to take advantage of another….it might had been bureaucracy, racism, communism or rape…its all the same thing..we r not to be discussing the creek that divides the males and females and keeping them apart from getting to each others throats….we seen an injustice on the simple rule of one being powerful from the other…and i am happy to see Tanushree react to it…but axe then her reaction could be the fact that she has been in the same neighbourhood…i dont agree to the things that she has written abt males being %$#@#$#$& but as i might say angry woman make men think…..

  10. 10 Vishnu

    A woman was raped by 7 men,in Bangalore University,2 weeks later this incident.

    Its good that the news have made good rounds in Mumbai.The Bangalore incident was given very low coverage in the papers.I had to wait a few days before manually posting this news in the bangalore orkut community,where people were busy playing games.

    Yep,its a long way to go.

  11. 11 Arun

    No. I disagree. I too stay in Mumbai. Can you come with me a day – I shall show you 1000 women pimps who engage girls from villages into hard core sex. I shall show you rich ladies – who pick up guys in Nariman point and there are stories of women raping men too.

    If you woman folks are so bold enough, why dont you start harassing men ? Why just blame men and their superior nature ? That raped girl could herself have acted nice at first and then cunningly cut his balls off..why didnt she do that ?

  12. 12 Tanushree

    Arun, did I say we women folks are bold? What’s your point? You can say high handedly that 1000 women pimps engage girls from villages into hard core sex and rich ladies pick up guys in Nariman point and there are stories of women raping men too. Ye, yes….but do you have statistics? Can you prove that in an hour, two, er, men are raped daily?
    About rich ladies picking up men; so you are saying is that men can basically go to prostitutes for gratification but when women do that, it’s either women showing off their bold side or they are cheapening themselves?
    We women are bold, true. But the sad thing is that men like you have effectively managed to turn that boldness into something quite degrading.

  13. 13 Arun

    No Tanu. I was just making a point. I have high respect for women – You yourself would have read my Romantic blogs right


    What I was trying to say is – Its time for girls to Act bold and smart rather than being submissive.
    I have no word in my dictionary which would ever degrade even an insect

    Good de. 🙂


  14. 14 Sex and the City

    …To everyone….

    Yes a degrading, horrendous, disgusting, shameful act was committed. We agree to it and we also believe that the cop’s balls should be chopped and he should be severely punished.

    I just have one question to ask: What about the girl? The 17-year old who is almost now made to feel like an untouchable by her parents, the neighbourhood she lives in. By the same Sharma uncle who used to treat her like her daughter now tells his daughter not to interact with her. Don’t you think that this attitude against the victim [though I would hate to call her that] needs to stop? How many so-called NGO’s are striving towards this? Don’t we all have the right to live with dignity?

    Justice had to be served – may be because the incident took place in a metropolis like Bombay. What about the villages of India? Bihar? B’Lore [Yes you are right Vishnu!!]?

    Its not about the battle of the sexes as far as I am concerned. Sexual abuse does not restrict itself to gender, so that question does not arise. What needs to be done is get women and men enrolled in self-defense classes [one option that I would definitely consider] and may be there are more means to deal with it.

    I think this is what democracy does to you. Makes you too free for your own good. Its bloody stupendous to say that the cop was incited by what the girl was wearing – now one cannot wear what one wants to…

    At the end of the day, are women dependent on men for their security? Anyway, what did those two guys do who were with her? One of them said, “I respected the cop’s uniform”. Bollocks!! I hate to see the day when women are so dependent on men. Shameful. For all of us. And somewhere down the line I thought Bombay was safe.

  15. 15 Abdulla syed

    Enraged are u? want to fight.

    a post, thats all !!! is it all the fight.

    justice was not served there.

    u`r blog was fun reading, filthy abuses serves no end.

    The dark, old men turn on nobody, they know it, but why accuse dark old men? only.

    if the incident is still closer to heart. try making a differnce.

    things loose their emotional value overtime, actually the blog today sounds erotic.

  16. 16 Pranav

    It’s a sad situation. Have grown so sick of rape news that have stopped going through newspapers. However think of it: it’s unlikely that the no. of rapes have increased, I am pretty sure that the no. of rape cases being reported has increased due to an increased confidence in the law and a healthy acceptance of victim by the society.


  17. 17 Drifter

    Budd: “That woman deserves her revenge… and we all deserve to die”
    Simply chopping his nuts off would be far too humane. He should be set up with a horny stallion first so that he knows what it feels like.
    Great democracy we have here.

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