Womanly wisdom


Womanly wisdom

There is a thin creature within me. Within us. It is waiting to be let out. You can then see the many ribs protruding through the skin, looking like a ribbed surface of disease and starvation. It is a weak creature and it is also very scared. Very scared. It is naked and wears only the tightly stretched skin, stretching over the many bones, trying to cover up the hunger and the loss. It is scared of touch. It knows it won’t find love. It will only get unwanted touch. Pinches. Violation. Strokes. And if it is let out, it won’t know where to hide. It will look around for safety but it will have nowhere to go. Because we have taken away its home. Its refuge. We are responsible. We have killed. Mutilated. Destroyed. Raped. Violated. We do not deserve to live. Because the creature within us is starved. For emotion. For food. For everything possibly humane.

4 Responses to “Womanly wisdom”

  1. 1 Ashok

    Very good post. But one complaint. Towards the end, I think you’re needlessly bitter:ā€” “We have killed. Mutilated. Destroyed. Raped. Violated.”

  2. 2 shaan

    I just feel that if d thin creature within us… resurrects very single moment we provide ourself small happiness. Its pristine and doesnt understand the worldly good or bad.
    The womanly wisdom is sure great

  3. 3 shaan

    and what re !! u give yahoo mails link to womanly wisdom !!

  4. 4 Sarat Chandra Addepalli

    hmmm…. why do i feel that every one of this gal’s posts have a lot more meaning than that meets the eye?

    not for me to decipher, but posts like these sure spoil the mood set by the imm.dtly previous posts šŸ˜›

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