My Men


My men have always passed me by

They look at my girlfriends

and tell me to lose some weight

My men look grave and serious when

I tell them I love them

They think I think too much

My men have all had weaknesses

Too bad fat slobs like me ain’t one of ’em

My Men.

My Many Reasons.

4 Responses to “My Men”

  1. 1 anuj

    even my girls have passed by me
    telling me to be a bit more STUD
    ofcourse to loose lots of weight
    And .. not to woo for them

    tht was a nice poem .. but i hardly understood wht did it signified. Cud u plz let me knw. and this is anuj. Hi !!

  2. 2 Drifter

    Forget about losing weight. What you need to do pronto is enable comment verification on your blog.
    Spam comments do not deserve to feature here. They just don’t.

  3. 3 maxdavinci

    tell u the truth,

    this was one of yor few posts i cud make sense of.

    u must be on a higher orbit coz u r not a moron.(the only 2 type of ppl i fail 2 understand)

    well it wudn’t kill ya to mail me occasionally….

  4. 4 Rahul

    nice post

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