For G


At Midnight

It was when magical things occured

For I found you

and children of a certain kind

smiled their innocence

In November

you pushed me hard

so hard that I fell on my back

and lay there for a while

Hurting while you stood there

I saw your anguish

your poisoned pain

In December

My books lay at my feet and wept

and I along with them

I left your memory far behind then

As I sat at midnight mass

The Church of the Afghans

That Christmas eve

with the stains on the church windows

looking like a kaleidoscope of broken colors

I prayed for you.

I prayed you’de be happy doing the Rumba

if that’s what you wanted to do.

In February

I walked over a thousand cottony clouds

barefoot and soul-bared

I walked and skipped and hopped

I wasn’t free

not until I came to it

The Bridge of a Thousand Twinkling Lights

In February.

That Bridge called out to me

Walk over, walk over

I could not leave you behind

I could not leave such a beautiful man behind

I looked over the Bridge of a Thousand Twinkling Lights

I could not find you there.

And the lights twinkled and danced

and all your love letters danced down from the skies

and when they hit the ground

they’d roll up with satin ribbons

and go jump jmup into my bag of memories

my yellow bag of memories.

Along with those love letters

those billets-doux

Pieces of my heart came flying

They fused together

into this big, throbbing cushion

Every beat carried your name.

My love had returned to me



without you.

4 Responses to “For G”

  1. 1 AI

    wow that was beautiful!

  2. 2 Reshma Sanyal

    Lovely. I mean it.

  3. 3 Reshma Sanyal

    Billet doux – I had first come across this word in Alexander Pope’s Rape of the Lock.

    Stray observation.

  4. 4 Broken heart

    Nice one!

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