Why Paheli’s better than Black


My sentiments exactly:

Read this!


5 Responses to “Why Paheli’s better than Black”

  1. 1 Reshma Sanyal

    Yay! At last, someone who wont slay me if I say I didn’t think much of Black.

  2. 2 AI

    please to update thy blog 😛

  3. 3 Fictional Reality

    Haven’t seen any of the two movies. No clue!

    I’ll read the article via the link you gave at the post.

  4. 4 Rahul

    Hi tanushree got thru to ur blog thru orkut……nice blog there…as for the movie frankly speaking was not to good 😦 and i dont think it should have gone for the Oscars(though black was inspired)

  5. 5 Braveheart

    Ah well, that’s fair enough. It had to be Mr Raja Sen for I have never seen a more stupid reviewer than him being published on Rediff.com. So for obvious reasons, I let him defend his own stupidities that he displayed by speaking favourably of Paheli.

    But to tell you the truth, both of Paheli and Black are nonsense movies made by over-ambitious directors who misjudged their own abilities. None, yes none of these deserved to go for Oscars. Paheli was utter rubbish and incoherent where as Black was just plain ‘loud’.

    If any movie did, it was ‘Black Friday’. Ask Shekhar Kapoor and see what he says!

    — Akshaya

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