My next purchase


I need some advice. I want to buy this ipod and I am not sure whether I should.
So please write in giving me a balanced view with equal pros and cons why I should buy it.
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2 Responses to “My next purchase”

  1. 1 Drifter

    Dunno if I’m too late in my response.
    My suggestion:
    GO FOR AN iPod. But not the ugly ass thing you posted. There’s the iPod Nano 2 GB and Nano 4 GB. They are unbelievably beautiful.
    OR go for the 60 GB iPod which also plays video. It will cost you a bit, though.
    A cousin of mine was gifted a Nano and it’s taking all my will power to stop my hand from reaching into my wallet and taking out that infernal credit card.

    PS. Go do what you love. No amount of money is gonna set your soul to rest. I learnt that after pissing away one year of my life.

  2. 2 Dilip

    I use an iPod and there is just one thing that I don’t like about it.. It doesn’t have any options to list songs.. you either select songs every now and then or just let your player shuffle them.

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