Bowing to Valentine’s Day


Fall in love with me. Just for the day. Love my thoughts, my thoughts,my small, gentle hands. My intelligence.

Forget me of yesterday. Forget me of the future. Only know kohl linedeyes and long, barefoot walks. Remember quiet dignity in the presenceof old, haunting guests. Forget silly pride. Forget what I said.Remember my care. My care that will nourish you and give you strength in the most unlikely places. Most unlikely times. Remember the kisses.The deep, long drawn out kisses. The hot, tight embraces. Remember thesounds around us. The buses. The bored people. The friendly restaurantowner.

Forget. Forget. Forget.

There is an old spell. An old ancient spell cast by me and my sisters.And it specially lingers today. Hush. Don’t say it. That crass,commercial word. For it will defile everything. Do not taint anymore.Do not break anymore. Do not walk away. Do not discard anymore. The saint is watching. He knows your thoughts. But he also knows you canpretend. Pretend you love someone. Pretend you love me. Just for today. Only for today.

Remember. Forget. Pretend.

But try loving me


2 Responses to “Bowing to Valentine’s Day”

  1. 1 maxdavinci


  2. 2 vish

    Gosh ! This is so close to whats going through my head right now..when i try to go about my work..when i try to live my pretty life. I’m so glad I came across this today !

    Thumb up .

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