White shoulders, white comfort
white thoughts, white lust
white green, white bikes
white beaches, white salutes
white love, white hate
white friendships, white teachers
white skies, white figures
white honor, white pride
white names, white smiles

I have always been surrounded by whites.
Some olive
But always White.


6 Responses to “Whites”

  1. 1 DUMPS

    1) Don’t try to make a happy blog..B HAPPY…and only u can make urself happy..no1/nothing other than U can..I realized that some days back :o)
    2) What is WHITE to u?? WOt does it signify??
    3) U have made some changes on ur blog :o) as in some posts here and there…so I guess I read smthg I shudnt have..so Sorry :o(

  2. 2 THe_OrY_oFL_iFE

    nice … different … innovative … strange …. interesting … evocative … Dark???…. plain…. insensitive…. maybe subtly sensitive…. dont know … tis a nice change from what I’ve read….

    do chek out mah Blog…




  3. 3 bansal

    White angel, White demon
    White whispers, White sermon
    White fear, White dissonance
    White hate, White repugnance
    Should everyhing be painted in white..
    I wish you are absolutely right….

  4. 4 poseidon

    A white lie? Baruahahhaha!!!…..

  5. 5 Abhi

    may be u shuld have a class frm eminem…u can be a gr8 rapper if u work on it:-))

  6. 6 Anshuman Ghosh

    white cars i can still understand, white bikes ? when did they come into production ? I thot they were only available in heaven, where other colors are a no-no 😀

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