I have decided I am going to be a happier person. Enough of melodrama and feeling sorry for myself. Enough of waiting for ‘The Man’ to come and whisper Shakespearean sonnets in my ear. Enough of wanting some men to realize I have grown up and am no longer a gawkish, over enthusiastic teenager. Enough of holding grudges against ex-room mates wanting to move in with giggly weird women. Enough of trying to make myself feel wanted and loved and all that. I am now going to be a happier person. And I have good reason to be.
I work in a company with a big Brand backing. I live in a nice, pretty little house. I have talent, I can write, I can think, I have a ear for music. I have won an award for my work. I have written scripts for Alyque Padamsee. I know some amazing people like Quasar and Venkat and I admire their work they do, and for the people they are. I have a wonderful family. I spent five of my best years in a city I have grown to love with an undying passion. I exchange rather long and philosophical letters with OVL Kiran Kumar. I may even fall in love with him in the future. That makes me happy. I am Assamese. I love Assam. I know Ganesh Kumar. Some people just cannot leave you. But he makes me happy too. I studied in St Xavier’s College. I made some silly mistakes. But I learnt from them. I am generous. I am compassionate. I am sensitive.
Reasons to be happy. I am going to be a happier person.

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  1. 1 Anshuman Ghosh

    no philosophical words,
    no cliched statements,
    no words of wisdom,
    just 1 word – Bravo !

  2. 2 bansal

    great!!! …are you talking about OVL Kiran Kumar at XLRI Jamshedpur….He is my classmate…nice chap….yaa!! philosophical too…

  3. 3 Chit

    may i know which St Xaviers College?

  4. 4 roswitha

    Wow, you’re a better person than I am. My resolutions are generally along the lines of that famous folk-song Peggy-O as sung by Simon and Garfunkel:

    if ever I return pretty peggy-o/if ever I return pretty peggy-o/if ever I return/all your cities I will burn/destroyin’ all the ladies in the are-o.

  5. 5 vish

    Lol..you remind me of me a year ago..Heck..You remind me of me now !!! And all the years that have gone before 🙂

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