Fare thee well


I really need to troubleshoot an urgent advertiser account. But I am writing this. Frowning in thought. The memories do not crowd in. Nor do they rush past. They mostly just emerge from their hiding places. The good and the bad. You get a sneak peek and they vanish. Not forever. But they vanish into hiding places, deep trenches filled with longing and despair.
I have met some people who have changed my life in some ways. Then there have been some who have enriched it. It is one person who enriched that I speak of today. When there could be a lot to be said, there is nothing. When the words should just form themselves, there are none. Instead, there is a weight bearing down my heart. It will soon be washed away by the words that struggle to appear.
I met him centuries ago. Time has no form when you share it with some people. No space. No dimension. It seems like centuries. A chance encounter in a parallel universe. No words lost. No breath exhaled. Just a deep understanding. Abiding respect. And when the words were spoken, we knew. Knew that what we shared was almost abnormal. No other human could ever have the right to be so in sync with another. The world laughed at us. Waited. Watched. Claws ready to unsheath themselves. But they never came. We went on understanding. Exchanging conversations wordlessly. No love. Not even friendship. Sometimes, we even questioned our bonding. But somehow, we knew. Everything would fall into its rightful place.
The centuries became smaller. Time took shape. The images formed on the walls behind us. Then started closing in. We heard of runaways in trains and losses of virginity in hotel rooms. We laughed about the latter and cried over the former. Then we heard of diseases and future deaths and hearts melting into German beer. The Hyacinths in our lives were withering away fast. I was no longer the Hyacinth girl. We were no longer sitting beyond a silver tarpaulin.
We applauded each other and said goodbye.
Goodbye. Goodbye. But we knew it wasn’t goodbye. Now is.
Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.

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  1. 1 maxdavinci

    always in awe!

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