No Failure. Only Truth.


Tonight our togetherness failed us

You walked away

Leaving me with nothing but late night conversations

There really is no heartbreak

You see I have plans

I have other friendships

They will continue to give me strength

And if they all end

They will never leave me with heart break

I have returned to the land of the mahatma

Love love love

And I have love

So never say nothing

Or bleakness or hatred

I may not be complete

I am always searching

I am always striving to find something someone
I am not like you, you see

I am stronger

I am older wiser smarter calmer

Though you might think otherwise

Really, many thanks

For making me believe

For leaving behind the capital

for the music

the music will continue to play

and He will be in my mind

and when I turn older

I shall never forget you

Because you are what you are
and I am not what I am

But learnings, of those you showed me many

You may turn me to the Poetess

And it may not be all your fault

But you see, I forgive you

And I know that will completely infuriate you

How can I not be bitter?

Didn’t you win?

Think think think

Who really won?


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