I have tried really hard. To forget. To move on. To forgive. And I always fall short. Perhaps it’s soemthing to do with my temper. Perhaps it’s something to do with being a pushover.

I wonder when I die, who will cry for me? Who will miss me? Who shall say I knew her. With pride. I wonder if I will be remembered. I do not want to die alone. Do not do not do not.

There are so many people I miss.

1. Rohan
2. Nivedita
3. Professor Niti
4. Even Professor Shefali. Go figure.
5. I miss Aita.
6. Lucy, my aunty’s dog who used to lick the tears off my face. No questions asked. She would jump on the couch, put her paws on either side of my shoulders and lick away.
7. All the kids at Akanksha
8. Rachel Lopez. Will never ever forget the time when she told me about ‘hot compresses.’
9. My Grandfather. I still mourn his death. After all these years.
10. Vivek.

World, I am going to back off for a while. I don’t think I have the energy to deal with you at the mo.


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