My sister doing what she does best. Playing the fool. Posted by Picasa


2 Responses to “”

  1. 1 JuiceMeUp

    By any chance your sister, single? (Kidding). Hey Limericks blog looks like it’s been dead for some time and saved for posterity.

  2. 2 JuiceMeUp

    The A list depends on wot the list is comprised of, and i assume the A list which you are talking about comprises of guys, who during school and college, been a backbencher and constant failure at exams and continues the spirit even at work, kind of a flagbearer of the list (not quite right?). And yes i’m definitely rich in only one thing, which is my not so good sense of humor….there having said that kindly forward this resume of mine to your cute sister (I hope she’s over 21, if not, here’s a disclaimer: Juicemeup, the law abiding citizen was not aware of the age factor at the time of writing this comment and will never hit on a girl who is below 21 yrs old.)

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