A bloodbath in Assam. Screaming headlines. How the Government has been ignoring the plight of the Biharis and Bengalis in Assam. How the ULFA has killed so many people, just because they aren’t Assamese.

I am not condoning the murders. However, it is a fact that Assam has been far long neglected now. Try driving down a main road in Chandmari, one of the busiest commercial areas in Guwahati and you will see the road dividers are broken, the traffic lights aren’t working. In the lahe-lahe land, there is no beauty left. The mountains, monumental symbols of a land and of a People far too proud to ask for help are now being drilled into to make space for houses and bungalows where the rich Bengalis will live. There is no employment in the Railways or in transportation due to the Biharis who offer cheap labour.

The ULFA went too far in making their point. But how many people will feel sympathetic? How many people will realize the beauty of a land is slowly being poisoned by Government ignorance and neglect?

Oh moor apun dekh? Jononire xontaan jaaga?

Whatever for? Assamese people can just give away much needed jobs to the Bengalis or the Biharis.

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