When will 2008 end?


I mean, seriously. Heath Ledger’s death has got to be the last straw. The first month of the year has been totally crappy. Totally. Crappy.

Okay, granted Sevster has come back from her travels in Sydney. And I did get to watch this fantastic crazy film called Across the Universe.

But hold on. That’s two things. What about the other million crappy things that have been happening to me ever since it was time to shout Happy New Year!? Listing them down in no specific order:

1. Being told by him via GTalk he has found someone else and that he really wants it to work ESPECIALLY when I DID NOT ask for an update on his social life.

2. Having to move seats in the office where there is hardly any lighting.

3. On providing feedback about bad lighting, being told that the folks who used to sit there NEVER complained and that basically I shouldn’t be complaining either.

4. On having bosses that either have no time for you or who think shouting/yelling/being aggressive is allowed.

5. Being harassed under the pretext of ‘team bonding’

6. Friends moving on forever

7. Assholic people who have no decency. Or is having any decency against the rules today?

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