I have always had an aversion towards infidelity and cheating husbands and wives. And now that something is happening right under my nose, I feel physically ill. I try not to be judgmental, but why can’t people think before:

a. They get married?
b. They feel the need to stray?

The people I know who are straying are married. One already has children. And seemed to be most respectable. The other, and perhaps when I am biased when I say this, is just not worth it. I dislike her extremely. But they are together now. And I don’t suppose their spouses or children have any inkling of the lay of the land.

There are people like me who wish to get married and ensure that those vows are taken seriously. I don’t mind the occasional flirtation now and then but a marriage should be forever. That respect should be forever. Lust is not. Ever.

I have now lost all respect for the two people in question. Do they think no one can see what’s going on? Granted it’s their personal choice, but it’s a marriage for God’s sake. You don’t get married if you can’t stay true. You should not stay married if you want to hold hands with someone else.


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