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A kind word is all it will take to shatter my heart into a million pieces. Advertisements

No Reason to be happy on a Wednesday.

Tuesday wasn’t the happiest day of my life if you know what I mean. But there were some things to be happy about nevertheless: I stayed the night in South Mumbai (again) I had a long conversation with someone I was least expecting to. I cleared 3 Sudoku games! I love Sudoku. (At least the […]

Happy happy happy. That is the theme of this week. Here are a few reasons why Monday was a happy day – I cleared up my work desk and it does look a lot cleaner now I sat in a quaint café and pondered the meaning of a chicken quiche.

Since all my blog posts are depressing, and I don’t seem to be a happy and cheerful person, I have decided this week; it’s all going to be about the happy fun stuff that may or may not happen. Peepee turned 21 yesterday and we gorged on some yum food and met folks we haven’t […]

1. People are replaceable They can be replaced with memories, with books, with dreams, with music. But once they leave you or are taken away from you, there is no such thing as becoming a shadow of your former glory. You can reinvent or rethink yourself. Ultimately, your failure to do so depends on you, […]

Amrith and Nagalakshmi, many congratulations and good luck!