11 things I want to say to people right now

  1. I love you.
  2. Tell me I have done a great job.
  3. Why don’t you have anything substantial to say?
  4. I really really want to organize your life.
  5. This bubble will burst and you will realize who your true friend is.
  6. I actually do know it all.
  7. I am broke. I want you to spend money on me for a change.
  8. I have forgiven you. But I can never forgive myself.
  9. I think you are amazing. Absent minded, but amazing.
  10. I don’t think you are being optimally utilized in your current job.
  11. It has been 6 months since you moved on, and I am still crying for you.

10 things about myself

  1. I am not a fast thinker.
  2. I prefer conversation about random interesting subjects than just one subject that might lead to an argument.
  3. I want a house with warm oak bookshelves in each room.
  4. I feel guilty.
  5. I know most Disney songs by heart.
  6. I love Hannah Montana.
  7. My favorite meal is rice, dal, potatoes and curd.
  8. I get deeply hurt if people say anything mean about me.
  9. I am terrible at routine stuff.
  10. I always want approval. If I don’t get it, I feel unsure of myself.

9 ways to win my heart

  1. Sing something corny but romantic to me.
  2. Make decisions without saying ‘whatever you want to do.’
  3. Buy me a book and write an inscription in it.
  4. Call me without any reason.
  5. Respect my family.
  6. Have an intelligent conversation with me without letting it flag.
  7. Take the first step to make up after we fight.
  8. Make me do things I would never do. Such as bungee jumping. And after we do it, tell me I was awesome at it.
  9. Kiss me good morning.

8 things that cross my mind often

  1. Does he ever think of me?
  2. Am I single because I am not good-looking?
  3. Should I have quit Google?
  4. When will I hear the words ‘I love you?’
  5. Am I so busy feeling sorry for myself that I am doomed to eternal bad moodiness?
  6. What if I had never admitted my feelings to him?
  7. Am I going to be in debt forever?
  8. Why can’t I ever be ready with smart comebacks?

7 things I wish I never did

  1. Faked my marks.
  2. Lied to my parents.
  3. Lied to him.
  4. Told him I loved him.
  5. Agreed to a fling even when I knew he never cared.
  6. Behaved badly due to a bad mood.
  7. Gave in to peer pressure.

6 turn-offs

  1. Smelly feet
  2. Long nails on men
  3. Shoes without socks
  4. People who are rude to waiters, shop assistants etc
  5. Racists
  6. Judgmental people

5 turn-ons

  1. Chivalry
  2. Holding hands in public
  3. Secret looks
  4. Naughty messages
  5. Casually putting an arm around me

4 things I want to do before I die

  1. Visit Paris, New York city, Egypt
  2. Learn how to cook
  3. Buy a house in Mumbai

3 smiles that describe me

  1. 😀
  2. 🙂

2 confessions

  1. I sometimes daydream saving lives
  2. I read the last chapter of any book

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