Life’s Lessons


1. People are replaceable

They can be replaced with memories, with books, with dreams, with music. But once they leave you or are taken away from you, there is no such thing as becoming a shadow of your former glory. You can reinvent or rethink yourself. Ultimately, your failure to do so depends on you, not the people around you.

2. Love is not everything. Or the one thing.

Don’t let love always rule your world. It will break your heart and spoil you for other wonders. We forget to appreciate beauty when we are sad or depressed. Or maybe beauty turns ugly which is a very sad thing. But try not to let it overcome you. There is beauty everywhere.
Even when you are lonely and the sorrow threatens to tear you apart. Loneliness can be beautiful.

3. You have friends.

Indeed. You have friends. Albeit in the most unlikely places. But give them a chance. They might bully you, might try and mold you, might try to tell you that you need to sit up straighter, talk softer, work harder. But they want to see you shine. They are giving you the chances you don’t wish to give yourself.

4. Look for opportunities.

Forge on ahead. Think for yourself. Be selfish. Sometimes at the cost of other people. But sometimes, it is truly worth it.


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