Happy Week – Monday


Since all my blog posts are depressing, and I don’t seem to be a happy and cheerful person, I have decided this week; it’s all going to be about the happy fun stuff that may or may not happen.

Peepee turned 21 yesterday and we gorged on some yum food and met folks we haven’t met for a long long time. We bought her some delicious smelling Escada and a pair of amethyst earrings that change color with the light. I also read one Agatha Christie, After the Funeral and stole some nice pleasant moments with a slice of Blueberry Cheese Cake.

My toes, by the way, are now a cheerful bubble gum pink.

A couple of days ago, when I was watching this mindless movie called Krishna Cottage, I happened to see a colleague’s mobile number being flashed across the screen. It was strange, looking at a name and number you are familiar with.

Happy stuff, happy stuff. Okay, here is a list of stuff that made me happy over the weekend:

  1. The Blueberry cheese cake
  2. Catching up on my sleep
  3. Unwrapping Peepee’s presents!
  4. Staying the night in South Mumbai
  5. Aunty Deborah’s famed crab curry
  6. The view of the sea right before I went to bed
  7. Crossing a 2000 score on my Blackberry’s paddle ball game. Hurray!
  8. Finding out that Varun Sharma is not Peepee’s boyfriend. Whew.

So here’s to a happy Monday. Keeping fingers crossed.


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