It is ironical that some of the most romantic moments I have ever experienced, have been shared with people who do not love me, or who I do not love.

Lonely beach, a million stars, with Orion, and the Bear, and a saucepan. Merged with talks of a futuristic future, worm holes, The Hitch Hikers Guide. And temptation. Lots of hot, forbidden temptation.

A long car drive. With throaty voices imploring their lovers to come closer. A man concentrating on the road. A man who is ‘just friends.’

The new bridge at Hastings. Old stone friends. The headiness of Calcutta. Beautiful feet. Comfortable orange silk clothes. Longing. And hyacinths.

Dinner on a terrace. Cold Hyderabad. Denim jacket. Easy conversation, and a kebab that melts in your mouth.

An auto drive at midnight to the Charminar. A stolen kiss as thank you. Okay, so I love this man. But it was worth mentioning.

A walk for dinner. The NCPA, the ocean, tenderness. Songs wafting through the air. Satin skin. Oh how I love you.

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