Local Trains – A Study


First Class in a Bombay local train isn’t all that it’s cut out to be. The compartment is dimly lit, there’s not enough seating. And God, the women. Loud. Shrill. Vociferous. They talk at noice decibels audible only to dogs, cats and women.

Right now, two women infront are shrilly flirting with a common man on a mobile phone. The only thing I understand in a Marathi dominated onversation is Kasa Kai? Or what’s up? Flirting over, they now proceed to rip apart said object of flirtation’s character calling him immature and not ready for a committment. When I look up, I know who the loser in this relationship is.

To my left, another woman has been talking non stop on the mobile. She has a low deep voice, it sort of rumbles on and on, a nice bass background to the shrill treble infront of me. Sanget la karat nas? Meanwhile is being debated.

I can also see all the men in the second class compartment stuck together. Faces peering through the wire mesh barrier. Are they looking in or are we looking out? Time will only tell.

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