Thank You Speech


I may not have had the perfect relationship and I do not know what it takes to ensure one, but the people I have met and the dynamics of the life I have seen so far have led me to believe that faith and joy go a long way in keeping you strong and keeping your bonds with people strong. When I wrote this screenplay, I wanted to tell the world that you can be happy in a relationship but as it progressed, I really wanted to let the world know that I have met people and seen circumstances that perhaps may not have changed me as a person but have definitely changed my world views. I would like to thank all the people I have met so far and for this glorious life that has given me so much thought which in turn has been so beautifully translated on screen. Thank you Mr Scorsese for looking at my script and saying yes, that’s the one love story I am going to make into a movie. Thank you to my gorgeous husband who has put up with my quirks and has always been there for me.

And thank you to the Academy for giving me this honor.

Good night!


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