I love the Internet – Part 1


With all the uproar, drama, and theatrics that the Great Indian Politics Circus is known for, we came to the end of yet another historic show. Bloggers and the Twitterati have all proclaimed their views on social media marketing and its influence on the rise and fall of the Politician, all the news channels have been flashing impressive looking graphs, pie charts and cool pieces of technology on-air to predict wins or to confirm I told You So’s.

A friend of mine said that as far as election results go, TV still beats the internet hands down. Is Indian politics meant for the Internet? And then he threw it open for discussion on the Twitterniverse. Which I think is ironic, considering how we smugly think that Indian Politics requires grassroots campaigning, and anything else is just fluff, but talk about our Government and the appointing of one’s country’s leaders using the toold we think are ‘cool.’ Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, online message boards, social bookmarking sites such as Digg – great resources but perhaps not a match for our politicians’ idea of a successful campaign? After all, does a 5% CTR guarantee a 35% increase in yes-votes?

Hardly were the final poll results announced, than the online community started talking about the BJP spent more than the Congress on online advertising and look what happened? I disagree. There have been some really well written articles on the use of the Internet in Politics but this is not just about the medium of the campaign. The end product was poor and did not focus on the consumer’s real wants and needs. So, this is really more a victory for the Indian voter than anything else.

If John Mc Cain used the Internet as interestingly as President Obama did in the 2008 American Elections, would the use of You Tube viral videos and a constant stream of Tweets get him winning votes? I doubt it.

From my experince with social media marketing and the role it played recently in the polls, I think it definitely made great progress. It has brought us closer together, and got us talking in full fledged sentences, and we have discovered there are some young and hep politicians who can be future leaders or there are educated, suave older role models who have been leaders of a different kind, and have shifted focus. Young Milind Deora and UN Under-Secretary General Shashi Tharoor – India and the world are now waiting to see whether you can lead this great country out of the wings and onto the spotlight. Via Doordarshan or live streaming on cnn.com, it’s all the same.

2 Responses to “I love the Internet – Part 1”

  1. 1 Anubhav Ghosh

    hmmm… sounds okay…

  2. 2 Anubhav Ghosh

    hehe… in fact its… AWESOME…!!!

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