There some things you don’t question.
Such as traveling to another city based on a hunch.
Or bullying an almost total stranger to pick you up on reaching.
You don’t ask ‘Is this okay?’ when said stranger becomes your only friend and laughs at your jokes. Well, almost all.
And you don’t hesitate to shamelessly flirt with him, on a public internet platform. You don’t.
It is completely natural to ditch the others and pull him out when conversations become stifling.
And natural to sit by an abandoned road and watched by gigantic Egyptian statues, just stay silent.
And when you get up to rejoin the others, and he offers you his hand
You do not pause for a moment.
You just take it, and holding onto each other, make your way back.
You also don’t hesitate to make him wait and wait and wait
While you gossip with your aunts and share family news
And yet, when he says he’s angry, he is smiling.
It is the right thing to do when you both laugh out loud at some silly movie scene
Or jump about excitedly to see your favorite Momo shack open.
And when it’s time to return to your separate lives
You both yell out goodbyes, while mentally giving each other hugs.
Perhaps kisses.
The next time, we will. Some things. You just don’t question.


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