Some Random Reactions


The Hangover: The funniest movie I have seen in a really long time. Road trips and getting drunk are made out to be synonyms of cool. Hollywood, nothing compares to you.

Rains in Mumbai and the ensuing media frenzy: Roads Blocked! Death By Electrocution! 3. Mumbai Submerged! La di dah. Headline copy can’t get any more original than this.

Bollywood after Kambhaqt Ishq: Losing my faith and interest in India’s movie industry. So boring. So insipid. So repetitive. So dumb. Would rather watch White Chicks followed by Wedding Crashers.

The Ex: Confused loser who needs a serious hard kick in the balls. And then shoved off the newly christened Rajiv Gandhi setu.

Michael Jackson’s Passing On: No. I will not pun. No no no, I will not beat it. ARGH. There, see what you made me do. But parting is such sweet sorrow. Moon walk on.

Sam Rockwell: Why why why oh why don’t I know you in real life? Hmmph.

Bollywood in General: Why can’t some of the older more popular so-called A list stars just DIE? That way, we will never run out of things to talk about.

Article 377: So long, sucker! Note to gay friends: This does not mean you have the right to act bitchier than me. Muah! And congratulations.

Iran Elections: Stop trending on Twitter already!

Mamta Banerjee: Live long and prosper. NOT.


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