The First Among Many Firsts


Growing older is hitting closer home. An old school friend recently got married and I got pwnd as the loved one says. I found out through Facebook that AB has been tagged in an album named ‘Wedding.’ So I click on it because I love to see wedding pictures of people I have no idea exist and don’t care they do, when suddenly I see that old gummy smile, and those twinkling eyes winking cheekily at me. AB was married a couple days ago and I found out through Facebook. Imagine that. I have become a social victim of the internet.

AB is younger than me by a few months and I have always thought of him as the House Captain with the epaulets that would stick out on his shoulders and make him look like a Star Fleet officer. But now that our AB is married, reality is sinking in even faster. I am soon to be 25, I am soon going to be officially in a place where I can’t depend on my dad for getting the car serviced, or expect my mom to cook dal for me. I have to start caring for other people; I am soon going to be a care giver. Shudder. The word ‘care giver’ reminds me of pristine, white gleaming hospitals.

A favorite childhood AB memory of mine is when we got dressed in our best Indian clothes to go for an Independence Day Dance at the Naval Club. And soon we were boogying the night away to ‘Cecilia,’ and ‘Macarena,’ and I remember our two left feet dance: Jump to the left, hop to the right, do a mini pelvic thrust…or do what AB does…stomp the ground with each foot. Stomp stomp in perfect rhythm goes one foot, stomp stomp goes the other.

Another time, I was asked to play the harmonium during the school assembly. As I struggled to lead the totally disinterested Class 7 choir into the nasal bars of Daya Kara Daan, there he was: AB. Smiling and encouraging so that I don’t forget the chords. Just the night before, he had painstakingly taught me all the chords and keys of the school songs.

This is how it feels when my childhood actually feels like it has ended. Empty. And yet, happy. And grateful. Look how far we’ve come.

Good luck, and many congratulations, AB!


2 Responses to “The First Among Many Firsts”

  1. Hi!!!!
    loved your writting…..its often that the same kind of feeling grips me….and all those moments…those friends flash before my eyes!!!!

    • 2 Tanushree

      Thank you! I tried posting a comment on your blog but blogspot won’t let me 😦 What would we do without our friends? 🙂

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