In the minds of women


My friend B called me and excitedly yelled: ‘Guess what I am doing this weekend??’

Now, B is a party person, drinks at the local hot nightclub, some dancing to sultry Jazz tunes with Brian from Mulund, (Bandra is moving, guys) lounging at the latest lounge bar. So I rattled off some similar options to her and hit pay dirt with option Lounge Bar. She was going to some Sea Something Lounge in Juhu with friends and was looking forward to it. And thus began the ‘Conversation.’

For those of you who have close women friends, you will know what I am referring to when I say the ‘Conversation.’ It is that exchange of ideas, opinions, criticism and mutual praise two women have for each other, while sizing each other up, and trusting one another to make up their minds for them in matters extremely important – that of Dress. Surely enough, B and I began ours.

T – Sea Something, eh? Ooh, who you going with?

B: Oh some bunch of people from work. [Five second pause.] I’d invite you too but maybe you won’t be too comfortable with them around. They are not your type.

T (resisting to ask for definition of her type) – Okay, well, so what are you going to wear?

B: See, that is the thing. I don’t know. You’ve got to help me out here!! I trust you! You have such great taste!

T: (No longer miffed at not being asked) What about the purple balloon top with the tapered black trousers, and your purple Mary-Jones?

B: T!! I can’t wear the purple top to Sea Something! I got it from Just Casuals at Hill Road!

T: But you paid 950 bucks for it! It’s a cute top!

B: Noooo, Sasha from HR is coming too. You know how she gets!

T: isn’t that the girl who made poor Elton cry when she exposed his Crocs sandals as being fake?

B: Well, they were fake and Elton can be such a prick. You know what he said the other day to me? That I look fat in my new Levis!’

T: NO!

B: Yes!

T: What an asshole.

B: But he does know where to find the best skirts.

T: And how to apply eye shadow. He’s actually pretty sweet.

B: Yeah well, what do I do???

[T in pondering silence over the entrance of Sasha.]

T: You definitely cannot wear the Mary – Janes. Sasha will know you got them on sale.

B: I couldn’t have afforded them otherwise.

T: Please, you couldn’t afford them even with the sale.

B: But they were Aldos!

T: Yes, yes. I am not saying it’s a bad thing. Hey, how about your new dark Jealous denims, the sleeveless gold enameled TopShop, the black rosebud heels you got from Dubai, and the Baggit clutch?

B: The heels are from Bata! I can’t wear Bata! People will call me middle class.

T: They are from Bata Dubai. There’s a difference. But they may not match anyway.

B: Should I wear a skirt? Remember that light pink a-line my mom picked up from Sachs?

T: Dude, you’ll look like an old Parsi aunty. Besides, your legs still have those chicken pox marks. Are you using the removal cream? My sister swears by it.

B: Yeah, but it burns! And my legs sweat! But maybe not a skirt; G is coming too with his girlfriend, R. She will be looking hot I bet!

T: What does he see in her? She’s got such an annoying nasal voice. And she once asked me which God do the Assamese worship?

B: Haha what did you say?

T: My standard answer.

[B and T in unison]


B: God, she’s wacked out. I am stuck here! I have no clothes!

T: You have plenty of clothes! I like that yellow cream top you got from Delhi.

B: No, too loud.

T: The mauve Remanika?

B: Too dressy.

T: How about the Japanese print dress from ColorPlus?

B: I will be the only one wearing a dress!

T: You don’t know that for sure!

B: Yes, I do! I don’t want to stand out!

T: Where did the silk brown polka dot blouse go? That’s cute. You could totally wear it with your dark denims. And the brown wedges from Benetton.

B: The top is fugly. Why did I buy it? Oh no, I am such a disaster. No clothes to wear, and so much pressure!

T: Oh then why did I find that receipt for a 5000 rupees dress in my handbag yesterday?

B:  It is your bag you know.

T: It was in your name!

B: Fine, but it’s such a cute orange print dress. With painted stork murals on the belt.

T: Storks? Eww. I would never wear such tacky things.

B: Oh, it’s a size small.

[Cold silence.]

T: Well, have fun at Sea Something.

B: I would if I knew what to wear. Want to go shopping? I will buy you coffee.

T: Make that Wildberry Iced Tea at Candies and you are on. Tomorrow, 3?

B: Cool. Yay!

T: Yay!

6 Responses to “In the minds of women”

  1. 1 Teja

    May be one of the best depictions of conversation.. 🙂 and the last decision was a shock for me.

    • 2 Tanushree

      Thanks Teja! This is us women – always throwing up the unexpected!

      • 3 Teja

        Umm.. i suppose..
        I was bored to death wid my work and was reading your blog now for the past 1.5 hrs.. 🙂
        I find it interesting. So, you really into some movie making ?

  2. 4 Pankaj

    Girls talk nonsense….a perfect example…..Cheers

    • 5 Tanushree

      How refreshing. A sexist comment from a male sounding name. 😉

  3. loved this piece and the blog! 🙂
    this conv here, reminded me of my own with my friends! 🙂

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