On Adam Lambert


On Adam Lambert 

This year’s season of American Idol was apparently the lowest rated season ever in the history of the Idol franchise. Which frankly, surprised me.

Although I latched onto this year’s Idol rather late, (when they had narrowed the number of contestants to 4) I realized (and quickly) why this season would be different. American Idol had opened its pop loving, crooner clad, clean Christian arms to a 27 year old from New York, who wore black, (not only limited to his clothes but his nails), who sang at pitches I can only describe as dramatic soprano, who turned around no-nonsense country music and made them into sexy, sensual caresses, and who is rumored to be gay. Okay, not quite, considering there have been pictures of him kissing another boy, and wearing leaves and other natural substances around his nether regions. Hardly a safe bet for American Idol, hardly the Idol generated artist who will represent a mass taste in music.

Adam Lambert has had my vote ever since I heard his version of the Tears for Fears song; ‘Mad World.’ The way he heartbreakingly sings ‘The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had’ made me want to hold his hand, and tell him things are going to be okay and secretly hope he’d plant those kissable lips on me and then, before I cross already ill-defined PG boundaries, let’s back track a minute fellas, he is gay! Adam Lambert, my musical hero, future legend, rock God, cool dude, is gay. He will never be American Idol. All because he is in love with another man. Therefore, the Idol crown sits pretty on a younger, much more likeable singer with a great boy band voice. The kind of voice which I used to do-wop to in my younger days, but today, just bores me.

However, Idol served as the platform for Lambert to showcase himself as a versatile entertainer. Theatrical? Yes. Has flair for the dramatic? Check. Wears flamboyant clothing? Ahaan. Can sing? Oh Sweet Jesus, and how. Lambert has much more than just talent, he has something called ‘ability to stand out from the crowd’ and an innate self-confidence which translates itself into immaculate vocals and a range which encapsulates generations of music. Among a million fan comments on how Idol was ‘rigged’ thanks to an AT&T scandal, and how Lambert’s sexuality cost him the win, I think it can be safely said that Adam Lambert does not just stop here. It’s his fallen angel voice that will be heard for a long time, I am hoping even forever.

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