Not sure where this one will lead…


She occasionally stares out the window; the store logos in the corner of her eye. She watches the yellow and black autos line up at the signal crossing, resembling lady bugs, she thinks, only with different colors. In the distance, tall eucalyptus trees give off their evening scent. The air is heavy and it makes beads of sweat break out on her forehead. At the corner of her coffee store, she can see red carnations and pale pink roses bundled up and shoved against a plastic blue canopy. For some reason, the sight soothes her.

As she leans back against the dark brown oak of her chair, she thinks of him coming to her in a bus. She imagines him constantly checking his phone for messages, tweets and friend updates on Facebook. He would be looking out of the window at intervals, probably stuck in unmoving traffic. Vehicles in a line as far as the eye can see.  He’d then close his eyes and feel the wind move through his hair and he’d smile that charming half smile. Smiling to no one and thinking of her as he makes his way through.

She smiles to herself as she watches a slightly overweight teenager dressed in a pink blouse walk uncertainly to the door and look around for her friends. And then walk over to a table full of giggling teenage girls and one boy and say hello shyly. Years ago, she was the same over weight teenager. Sometimes, he still makes her feel like one when he says something outrageous and she giggles, automatically covering her lips. Some habits are comforting, she knows.

She looks up, distracted when a tall man walks by, dressed smartly in formal corporate wear. He does look spiffy and handsome, she thinks, and very smart, as he walks to the counter and orders a cappuccino. She looks some more and then moves her gaze out the window once more. She reaches for her Blackberry and dials his number. Where are you? She asks. Have you left? She carefully listens to the voice on the line, and softly whispers I will see you soon. With him, conversations are always soft and never shouted. He keeps her calm. Sometimes, he gets impatient and asks her to speak up since he can’t hear. What he doesn’t know is that she hates raising the sound of her voice to him. He is too good to her to merit such vulgar displays of emotion.

Not that they don’t have their share of fights. She thinks of the day when they had their first argument. It was the only time she raised her voice out of anger.  They argued over honesty and untruths and both came out slightly annoyed with the other. But she knows he means well. She remembers her best friend Lepakshi bursting out in laughter when she very seriously told her he is the wind beneath her wings. But it’s true. She wailed. And Lepakshi’s peals of laughter rang off the old stones of the station building. Sometimes, Shakespeare seems rather inadequate to convey what she feels. She doesn’t know that Lepakshi looks at her fondly when she is looking away, with something close to pride.

Lepakshi’s face blurs and changes into the navy blue late evening sky and a white menu being handed to her. The coffee shop’s hints of making a confirmed purchase no longer remain just hints. As she ponders over Assam tea versus a Cappuccino, she decides on a Cappuccino. She has begun to appreciate the taste of the roasted beans .

Something makes her look up and she sees him. Making his way towards her. Coffee forgotten, the sugar sachets suspended midair, her eyes soften. The day’s ending is always worth this moment.

3 Responses to “Not sure where this one will lead…”

  1. “The day’s ending is always worth this moment.”

  2. A good article.Thanks for posting this.

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