Parts of a Weekend (First attempt at photo blogging)


I had the busiest weekend I have had in years. I am going to skip the cold bits (spent in Delhi) and skip right to the warm Bombay fun bits.

The night before, the family was all dressed up and looking sharp:


The lady in black is my mom. She looks like she bit into a sour lemon because she is trying to hide the fact that her one front tooth has gone missing.

The lady next to her is Sangeeta aunty. She is fun. The gentleman trying hard to blend in with the walls is Kishore uncle, or Andrew, as his friends are wont to call him. Us Assamese have weird, tangent forms of humor.

Kishore uncle makes me masala chai and puts Haldi instead of Cinnamon in it. I am just saying.

This is a earring that caught my eye and pretty much kept me awake all night thanks to it catching the moonlight. A romantic notion, but an extremely annoying fact:


Japis are hats worn by rice farmers to hide from the beating rays of the sun, or the fat raindrops that fall during Assamese monsoons.

I always take pictures of the objects and people and places that remind me most of beautiful Assam:


Ah NOFRA; the one place where I spent many years in, yearning to leave and make a life of my own.

Now I yearn to stay here forever:


Here is a shot from Admiral uncle’s home at Regal. This is the source of all my fixation with London and princess towers:


The light was beginning to fade so I took a quick picture of the curtained corridors at Admiral uncle’s house. These corridors always remind me of all the Naval houses I spent a good 24 years of my life.


Since my mother thinks I am a whacked out Blackberry addict, I took this photograph of her for future blackmail. Self explanatory.


My father spent 35 years of his life fighting for this symbol. And building missiles. Yeah. My father is cool. Here’s to fond memories:


Finally, here’s me posing with Abu’s kid sister, Anku. I have seen her outgrow her training wheels to becoming a bio-chemist. Sigh. Can’t ignore the onset of rheumatism any longer.anku

2 Responses to “Parts of a Weekend (First attempt at photo blogging)”

  1. Us Assamese do have a weird sense of humour!

    I have a similar chai story too. I must have been around 8 or 9 years old. No1 was home, so I made chai for my “borta”. Only I couldnt find the milk powder. So I used Complan instead! 😛

    And that earring looks scarily heavy! How the hell do women wear those!!

  2. Loved the post 🙂

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