The Thundering Sufferers


These shoes do for me what my last emergency bar of chocolate can’t. They help me get up and run on.DSC07692

And when I have a particularly bad day, they help me run over the heads of the people who choose to be annoying.DSC07687If I want to skip a run, they stare at me balefully, silently scolding me for being a lazy wuss.DSC07691Oh my. The interlaced Reebok logo in hot pink makes my heart go pitter patter. Whoever says pink is for girls is absolutely correct. You will never understand its intricacies.

At least I think so.DSC07692The shoelaces are always giving me trouble. Sometimes they whip against my ankles as if to say Run faster, you bum!DSC07690Other days, these shoes are comforting. I will hold your ankles snug while you thunder down the road.DSC07694Time to hit the road! Get off your bottoms, grab your shoes and go!

After all, the road comes free.

One Response to “The Thundering Sufferers”

  1. I think all of us blogaddicts need such posts to remind us to get off our bums and move a little 🙂

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