My Something Wonderful


Looking back on this year, I have nothing but gratitude for the way my life is turning out to be.

It took us three years. Since this poem, to this vent of frustration, to this and this, I have loved and felt self – pity and worried about the future. Three years to finally hear the words ‘I love you. In my own way.’

No, I am not going to ask what does ‘in my own way’ mean. He loves me. That is all that matters. Although I know this has been such an unhealthy relationship, completely with me acquiescing to his every demand and need, and perhaps I am just subservient, but the truth is, my love for him is deep and strong and all that I am happy with.

This is the something wonderful I have been waiting for. And the three years spent? They have been worth it. Now I can get through the rest of my life, even if he does not stick around.


3 Responses to “My Something Wonderful”

  1. As long as you are happy 🙂
    Wish you lots of happiness and love!

  2. Do visit its a good site.. .. 🙂 if we express gratitude everyday, our chances to be happy increases.. 🙂

  3. Good Keep Writing More


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