I will be a cook yet!


Food. Glorious food. The supporting member of the cast along with your aunts and uncles and mothers and fathers and friends and cousins and friends and lovers who never ever dies.

I love food. Most of my memories comprise of food.

From early childhood – toddler memories of eating a chapatti dipped in butter while inserting my apple shaped hair clip into the VCR and then facing the ire of a very annoyed mother. Munching on sugar coated candies while watching friends push Cecilia into Admiral D’Souza’s swimming pool. Eating freshly baked bread at a bread factory while enjoying a school picnic. Mukut, our domestic help, showing me how to brew tea the Assamese way. Eating chicken frankies at a Politician’s house in Poltan Bazaar. The tangy taste of bogoris mixed with chilli powder and salt. Cat fish in spinach curry with Joha sawl (a type of rice grown only in Assam). Pav Bhaji at Sardar’s, feeling noble and generous after asking the server not to put any butter on the Pavs and then feeling like a total idiot after seeing the tired white pavs. Tasting the juiciness of a mutton kebab as it melts on the tongue at Veda. Falling in love over noodles tossed in peanut butter and a chicken satay. And the various smells of Christmas. Hot coffee and fruit cake aromas wafting through the stone walls of Afghan Church, welcoming us as we step out of Mass. What a life.

I will admit. The reason for this sudden blog post was me watching Julie and Julia last night. It is no secret that I derive a lot of inspiration from the movies, (now that is an irony if you ever saw one) but I was so taken with the movie, and I really do love food. Which is why, I am announcing my very own food project. I have shortlisted two cookbooks which I will use as the basis for my project.

We cook because we love. Love the food we eat. Love the actual process. Love the looks on people when they close their eyes in food derived bliss. Ah, the wonders of the foodgasm. So here we go. My series of recipes (and complete disasters) for the dummy who has never ever stepped into the kitchen. It is January 2, 2010. And thus begins my public humiliation…or success.

Instead of Bon Appetit, which has been overly said anyway, I will ask ‘What’s for dinner?’

5 Responses to “I will be a cook yet!”

  1. yeah you are right.
    i love cooking for my friends..
    the best part is its creative thingy.and I love to see their face when they eat it.
    ya know..i feel happy when i could see the reaction on face

  2. 2 neel

    Dont know any damn thing about cooking.Was just going through blogs on the net when got stuck to this one.Loved it..thats all I have to say! And ya,its not about cooking I guess,its about food that I love.All the best for your culinary projects 🙂

  3. Glad to discover this blog and someone from my part of the country.. Will be back.. Your post reminded me of something similar.. 🙂 bhal lagil.

  4. Somehow I dont need cookbooks to cook. Just anything in the fridge. Just anything in cabinet to substitute or constitute mosola. Just anything over the counter to make it salty, sweetie or soury.

    Love cooking the disorganised way. loved for being a cook. Understood why all the chefs are males (ouch!!)

  5. 5 Smita

    Hey Tanushree,

    Bonne Chance for your project! By the way, which books have you shortlisted? If you ever wanna try your hands at awesome Indian cuisine, try Jiggs Kalra’s “Prasad” – His recipes will remind ya of the mouth watering delicacies served at the grand naval dinners / the regimental days in army.

    Love your blog 🙂 Comes straight from the heart…..


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