Conversation Today


So many names on my GTalk list. And I can’t ping even one of them at 3 am complaining about insomnia. Yet, there will be the usual hi what’s up instant messages that lose steam after the ‘nothing much.’

Non stop chatter on Twitter. A race to get as many followers as possible. A race to spew as many inane words as possible. And I have to worry about losing my followers if I say something seemingly stupid. Yet, we don’t think twice before wishing PEOPLE WE HAVE NEVER SEEN OR MET good morning or good night, and calling them ‘my tweeps.’

A million friends on Facebook. Liking status messages, random FB activity. Joining groups to get a Games Development company to create an Indian flag. Seeing a long thread of wall posts that usually begins with a hi long time, and ending with let’s catch up etc. After which, nothing really happens.

When did conversation become so tripe? When did people become so un-interesting? Is it really because of technology?

4 Responses to “Conversation Today”

  1. I have a theory.

    The easier something gets, the lesser we value it.
    Holds true for conversation, money, sex, love, fun. Heck, even for rock climbing.

    Your thoughts?

  2. 2 Tanushree

    Yes, the standard for quality and performance has dipped lower than it ever has been.
    It’s rampant in our literature, cinema, social environments, music…etc. What a price to pay for turning ‘post post post modern.’

  3. 3 delhizen

    It’s about being there yet not available for all! Connecting with the hundred on gtalk and other places only helps us in knowing extra few. Sometimes some do become are best frenz and at times we don’t go beyond a hello!

  4. 4 Munchkin

    yellow!! so true.. NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENS..and then the vicious cycle starts..hi long time..sunday ko kya kar raha hai..sunday call..guy doesnt answer and then woah..ur fucked..ROYALLY!

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