Random Thought


If Cricket and Bollywood and Bollywood starlets did not exist, then who would make the country proud? Who would be tacked onto posters on walls brushed by Indian dust storms? Who would win Bharat Ratnas? Who would be guest editors at Times of India? Who would give media sound bytes on ‘The Daring and Fearless Indian Woman’ and ‘The New Metrosexual Indian Man?’ And in ten years time, whose children will look back with respect and awe at Pratibha Patil?

2 Responses to “Random Thought”

  1. 10 years from now…y will i want my kid to remember Pratibha Patil…what is she doing? how many times do we see her come up and talk to the national public..how many times do we see her speak up actually what ‘she’ wants to speak?I agree that the word cricket and bollywood are overly hyped in our country but its because others arnt ready to take the lead? ..

    I pity that we have a president…mind u…president…who rarely comes out of the closet..frankly speaking…in todays world….situations shud not be such that I need to surf thru my newspaper looking for a statement from my president but it should be her statements that shud jump out of the paper and hit my eyes..catch attention..that just isn’t happening…then y will ny1 remember her?

  2. Nice one…..the media is undoubtedly the chief culprit in this country of corrupt politicos and bureaucrats.

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